Live more See more Rally in Elmore Central Victoria.

The 14th National Rally of Caravan Clubs of Australia. To be held at Elmore Events Centre Victoria. Elmore, the site for this rally is situated between Echuca and Bendigo.

30th December 2010 to 9th January 2011.

Friday, March 11, 2011


We are still at North Haven, cant tear ourselves away as it is such a beautiful place, we have decided to stay another week.(again) been here five weeks now!!
I have taken up fishing, I caught a monster salmon off the beach last night with a borrowed rod, so guess what? I am going into Port Macquarie on Saturday to buy a beach rod and reel.
We have decided to return here for a few weeks in Nov/Dec.
It is impossible to describe how lovely this place is, it has everything you would want for a stay and the people are so friendly(but dont tell anybody)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Still at North Haven

Sitting in the rain at present deciding if we should stay here another week or move north on sunday, think I might leave it until friday or saturday, if we move Red Rock on the coast near Grafton looks good for a few days, then I want to go to Maclean to see if I can find my grandfathers grave and after that inland to Emmaville near Glen Innes to suss out fossicking for our trip in August with the usual crowd

North Haven

We arrived here around the thirteenth of Feb. and met up with a bunch of close friends and family, seven vans in total, some stayed for a few days and some stayed for two weeks, we have decided to stay on until we feel the urge to move north.
This place is as close to heaven on earth as you can get, there is so much to do, swimming in the river, beaches, pool, fishing,boating,bike riding, exploring etc. I even started to fly a kite on the beach and any one who said that is just for kids obviously hasn't tried flying a stunt kite.
We have visited National parks, historic towns, sat around and chatted and generally enjoyed each others company.
Everyone has left now and Doreen and I spend our days swimming, walking, bike riding (we average 10 to 15 ks a ride)also there are some teriffic lookouts around here that require a long walk to get to, so we aren't short of things to do.
Doreen wants to put North Haven on a visit twice a year list and I cant but agree that it's not a bad idea.

Naughty boy

Well haven't I been amiss, almost a month without a report, well the truth is we have been having too much fun.
Clarence Town caravan park is great and I would recommend it to anyone for a quiet cheap stay in plesant surroundings.
While here we lazed,swam in the William's river, explored the beautiful national parks that surround, visited Nelson's Bay (yes NELSON'S BAY) not bloody Nelson Bay as the Latte drinking wankers want to call it these days, it was originally named Nelson's and recorded on maps as Nelson's but someone decided to change history.
We even took a ferry ride from Stocton to Newcastle and had a look around, went to the beaches there (fantastic) the ocean pools are great, so clean.
Well after a week or so at Clarence Town the Angels must have picked us up and transported us , because we landed in paradise just over two weeks ago. We found ourselves at North Haven on the beautiful Camden Haven river.

Friday, February 4, 2011


WE are at Clarence Town about 50km out of Newcastle at a little council caravan park on the Wilson river, Clarence Town is an old river port where they shipped timber from in the 1800s, the river is wide and deep and great to swim in, I will get around to taking some photo's sometime but am having too good a time at present.
The caravan park is very clean, well grassed and beautiful amenities, the managers leave you alone and best of all only $17.75 a nite for seven days, we came for one day and decided to stay for a week as parks on the coast are over thirty bucks a night and not nearly as good.

What a little gem this place is and it is only thirty minutes drive to Nelson's Bay which has fantastic little bay beaches (great for old farts like us) and the water is crystal clear.

So we are here until next Wednesday and we will go straight up to North Haven.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Wow it is the end of the month already and the last time I was on here we were in Temora, we spent Australia day in Cowra and went to the local celebrations, then to the Japanese memorial gardens, the old prison camp site and the war cemetary.
Moved on to Bathurst and drove around the Mt. Panorama race track towing our caravans (it was a hoot) the slowest lap in history, then off to Lithgow where we

stayed a few days to look at the blue mountains and Jenolan caves (both magnificent) skyrail, scenic railway and all the good stuff.
At Lithgow we went through the small arms museum (unbelievable)and the local lookout (breathtaking.
As of now we are in Gulgong near Mudgee visiting family and tomorrow we are going up into the hills to an old gold mining town called Hill End as my great grandfather owned mines there in the 1800s so I am taking the time to do a bit of family research.
Wednesday will see us moving on towards the coast aiming for North Haven near Port Macquarie by mid Feb.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Have left Shepparton and now in Temora NSW we stayed a night at Lakeside caravan park in Finley (yuk) give it a miss bloody awful we are staying at a little council park in Temora $20.00 a nite grassed sites nice barbie and excellent amenities, visited Junee and went to Monte Cristo a restored mansion, the railway roundhouse (great for the fellas) and the licorice factore (bloody ripoff), tomorrow going to the Temora air museum and the colonial museum in town and the girls are going to do all the crafty things.
On wednesday we are moving on to Young for a look and then to Cowra for the war cemetary and Japanese gardens.
Will add some more pics when I get more data on the 27th.